How I Celebrated the Kids Going Back to School

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The glorious two-week Christmas vacation came to an end today. The kids went back to school!

I have to admit getting up this morning was ROUGH, especially since I didn’t fall asleep until almost 3 a.m. Ugh! Over the break, my sleep pattern went to my natural tendency. Unfortunately, it resembles that of a teenager — awake until 2 or 3 a.m. and sleep until sometimes noon. Thank goodness my husband was off work too during this time.

It wasn’t just me who was having a hard time this morning. The first day back is hard. But I find the second morning is worse. The first morning, there’s some excitement about catching up with your friends. By the second morning, the return to the drudgery is real.

So how did I celebrate? By meeting my good friend for breakfast and catching up. Having something to look forward to helped in getting up after only three hours of sleep. The conversation immediately began with how our mornings went. I have to say both our families did pretty well. I know for my family, tomorrow will be a different story.

I then got to have lunch with my husband. It’s nice to have a conversation with him that isn’t interrupted every five seconds. With three kids, he doesn’t get my undivided attention very often. Plus, we went to my favorite Chinese food restaurant.

Oh, and don’t think I didn’t get a nap! A quite house and a full belly from lunch? It had to be done. It was begging for it.

I hope the transition from vacation doesn’t hit you too hard. I suggest you catch up with your friends and loved ones and then take a nap. It makes for a perfect day back to the grind.




How DWTK Will Help You in 2015

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted regularly. In fact, if you look at last year’s posts, it looks like I fell off the planet sometime in February. There’s an interesting story behind that, but that’s for another time, I promise.

First, I want to take a moment to highlight what I have planned for this year. It comes down to my favorite thing: helping.

  • Help you to become your best.
  • Help you relieve anxiety and alleviate stress.
  • Help you feel less alone.

I promise to share my struggles over work/life balance and my ultimate time-out from the workforce.

I promise to share what I care about and what makes me smile.

I want 2015 to be a journey of healing and returning to health.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

As we begin our new year, let me leave you with this quote from Blessed Mother Theresa which sums up my intentions for this year:

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Happy Birthday to Me!


Today’s my birthday, and it was a happy one indeed! It was the perfect combination of relaxing, eating, and love from friends and family. I’m one blessed girl!


My Top Three Super Bowl Commercials

Since I don’t want to talk about the whooping the Broncos got, I’m just going to focus on the ads.

My only complaint is that there weren’t more funny commercials, but there were some pretty good ones. Here are my favorites:

1. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill

I actually laughed out loud at the end. I love reunions!

2. Toyota Highlander – Terry Crews and The Muppets.

Who doesn’t love The Muppets?

3. Microsoft – Empowering

Incredibly moving!

If you missed any commercials, YouTube has put them all in one place for you. Which are your top three?


Crazy Weather

The last two weeks have been a little crazy. As you know, the Deep South got a rare visit from Jack Frost. But here in South Louisiana, we get more ice and slush than snow. 

School and work shut down for a few days because of the unsafe road conditions. That meant we got a lot of bonding time (and a little cabin fever). The kids played outside until their faces hurt, and I tried to be productive in between requests and naps. 😉

We have a saying in Louisiana, “If you don’t like the weather now, you don’t have to wait long before it changes.” True to form, we are back in shorts 36 hours after being frozen. Gotta love it!

I’m participating in a blog challenge this month where I’ll be posting every day. I hope you’ll join me everyday as I try to spread a little sunshine. And if you’ve found me through UBC, thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment so I can follow you back!